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The Celosia site

This website is a joint initiative of a group of Dutch and American companies that together play a major role in the breeding and selection of Celosia and the supply of seeds and young plants.

The aim of the site is giving information on everything that has to do with this elegant and decorative cut flower product. And as a follow up to achieve that Celosia – through the trade chain – finally arrives in a better and better shape at the consumer. And that they will appreciate the product with its exotic appearance and long vase life more and more.

This website only provides information about Celosia cut flowers. For information about pot/bedding plants please visit >> > the website of webmaster Celex. For that you can also click on the logo of Celex in the list on the right.

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Celosia YouTube film celexflower : “From breeding to vase”.

Our motto

Our motto: A satisfied customer is a customer who returns!

The participating companies on this Celosia information site are in cooperation connected to each other and have a large network of trading channels worldwide available to them. All participating companies have brought together their expertise, photographs and ideas about Celosia cut flowers in this site.

The list of participants (with internet links) can be found in a separate framework on the right side of this page. You can also click on the company logos, those are activated to link directly.


This site is meant to offer information about Celosia cut flowers without any obligation upon the site visitor.

The participating companies can never be held responsible or liable for the contents or use of the information on this site !.

Participating companies

Celex is webmaster for this site.


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