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Celosia is reproduced by seeds. The seeds are black, round, plain and shiny and can be stored for a long period if well conditioned. One gram contains between 700 and nearly 2000 seeds ( depending on the variety ) and the seeds that are sold usually have a germination percentage above 80 percent.

A seeds storage and a cleaning machine.

From the moment of creating a new cross pollination until launching a new variety takes an average time with cockscomb – (cristata) and plume forms (plumosa) of 9 to 10 years. One can add another 5 years extra when it comes to the spear / needle form (spicata), so all together 14 to 15 years.
Breeding in Celosia is unbelievably difficult, there are no logical connections to establish. It can happen just like that to find something very surprising after carrying out a cross pollination. Something you don’t expect and believed to be impossible. And during the selection period surprises are also possible.
Hence the long running time it takes to enter a new variety into the market. In that “running time” (the so called “selection period”) only 2 or 3 are left from the 1000 hybrids that were made. And then those new ones still have to prove themselves in growing conditions and yield.

Celosia breeding is costly and a matter of great patience!

Harvested seeds placed at a drying wall, covered with netting against birds ( on the left ) and a seeds cleaning machine ( on the right ).

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