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Spam declaration ( October 01 – 2019 )

Some sick minds seem to think that it’s normal to be carpet bombing our contact page and contact form with enormous amounts of SPAM ( Unsolicited Commercial E-mail ), though we’ve placed an additional anti-spam logo to make clear that this is unwanted. 

Hence we’re unfortunately forced to temporary shut down our contact page and that means that visitors who want to leave a real serious message to us, will need to contact us by landline phone (during office hours) or fax. Or perhaps the old fashioned post service might help.

To all the spammers in e.g. Germany, Russia or Asia we want to say : “ Thank you nutheads ! “  FYI : We already announced in our Privacy statement that we don’t respond to all kinds of spam and only to real messages. So what’s the use of your behavior ?

Klik op de e-mailbutton hieronder of vul het contactformulier hiernaast in.

* Contactform temporary removed

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