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Consumer information

A few years ago four high school students have done profound research in cut flower Celosia. From their report came a number of conclusions and recommendations, one of them was to put more info on the internet and hence this page. To have some additional information on how to buy Celosia in optimal condition from a florist  it’s advisable to read the subpage with information for flower distributors and information for florists a short while.

Flower shop in Kent.

Useful tips:

  • Always cut flowers slantwise, in that way you’re making a fresh surface that absorbs water.Is there a small harden foot on the stem, remove that because that is a blockade for water ( for explanation about that, see sub-page “Information for florists” ).
  • Use a clean vase that looks shiny inside. How to clean that? In the dish washer with the pots and pans or put them with water and add some fluid chlorine for minimal 1 hour. After that clean thoroughly with warm water. Mind your clothes for drips with chlorine! If you don’t want to use chlorine , than spirit ( alcohol ) or sodium will clean reasonably. A cleaning tablet for artificial teeth also works great.
  • No leafs under water in the vase, that will rot. Fill the clean vase with fresh tap water and add a small drip (really no more than that!) of chlorine. Flowers resist that very well and it keeps the water clean. Growers and florists use special chlorine tablets which slowly release chlorine, but those tablet aren’t everywhere for sale for consumers.
  • Celosia evaporates a lot and hence “drinks” much water from the vase, especially when standing in the sun. So control the vase daily and refill if needed, if possible with again a small drop of chlorine in the additional water. If the vase is dried, then the stems will shrink on the end and don’t absorb water any more. In that case cut a piece of the stem to make a fresh surface that does absorb water again.
  • The assortment consists of three types: combs: the flat  form – so called “cockscombs” – as well as global forms – so called “brains”, next to that needle type and finally plumes. All these types can be seen on the page “About Celosia” on this site.

Celosia in Tokio ( Japan )

Het Celosia-assortiment bestaat uit de kamvorm ( zowel de platte vorm, zogenaamde “hanenkammen” als ronde bolvorm, zogenaamde “hersens” ), daarnaast staartjes en tenslotte pluimen. Al die typen zijn op deze site te zien.