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The Celosia assortment

The Celosia assortment is made up of many attractive colors – only blue is not possible. Bright and white-creme flowers always look a bit green, because of the translucent flower basis.

The pictures show an amazing number of colors, to show what’s possible in cristata (hens combs), plumosa (plumes) en spicata (tails).

The Celex product page – breeding & selection shows the current assortment of cut flowers and pot and garden plants. You can find the link to this page below the three pictures with the presentation of mixed colors.

>>> To the Celex website product page.

Tip : The news page on the Celex website has many photos and is very attractive to see.

>>> To the Celex website news / photo page.

There’s a Pinterest board with many pictures

>>> To the Pinterest Celosia board.

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