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Celosia argentea can be divided into three groups, based on the flowertype. All three Celosia types exist in a compact form for pot or garden purposes, as well as in growing higher up for cut flower production or background planting in gardens.

The plumosa group:

This type makes a lot of thin feathers together forming a plume.

Celosia Sunday

Celosia plumosa

The cristata group:

Near flowering the plant forms a comb with a curl on top.

Celosia Bombay

celosia cristata

The spicata group:

A type of Celosia forming spears / needles, in the culture varieties in a bunch. In some parts of the world the wild spicata form is called “Wheat Celosia”, because they don’t have a bunch and only a single and stretched tail.

Celosia Celway

Celosia spicata

In sommige delen van de wereld wordt de wilde spicata vorm “Tarwe Celosia” genoemd, want die hebben geen tros en slechts een enkelvoudige gestrekte staart.